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Membership Benefits - Overview
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Wheel IT-SG has been formed to provide templates and tools that will assist you and improve your ability as a member to deliver successful projects to your clients. The Knowledgebase will also provide the consultant the opportunity to deliver across service expertise where a job functions span technologies (i.e. Project Management can span hardware and software disciplines.)

The portfolio of services listed will form the initial part of the knowledgebase to be made available only to members of Wheel IT – Services Group.

The advantages of being part of the Wheel IT-Services Group:
  • Save time and effort in delivery by using Wheel IT-SG proven methodology and ready to use templates at low cost
  • Project led services opportunities through individual project managers/consultants or via Wheel IT-SG
  • Provide the consultant the ability to recommend other associates to clients
  • Reduction in delivery risks by using Wheel IT-SG project tools
  • Professional look to template deliverables through Wheel IT-SG standardised approach
  • Enhance the market value of the associate
  • Discussion forums to seek advise from other experienced associates
  • Knowledge Market Place to obtain credits for new service templates and guides
  • Sponsor new members to Wheel Buy IT
  • Wheel IT-SG is not a company - all project managers/consultants work for themselves with the support (when required) of other Wheel IT-SG associates
  • Offer other services to customers via Wheel IT – SG through the expanding product and services that will be made available
The members will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement on joining the company and will operate as individuals taking advantages of the network of associates under the company.

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